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HVLAX 4 GOOD: 8th Grader Julia Steinberg Gives Back

By Jennifer Maichin, 11/10/16, 8:30AM EST


Julia Steinberg Gives Back

8th Grader Julia Steinberg gives back to the HVLAX community! Read her story:

I started with HVLAX when I was 5 years old.  I did not like the goggles and especially did not like the mouthpiece.  Nope!  Complained the entire spring.  I quit lacrosse after that and decided to try again in second grade when my friends were signing up.  I don’t remember exactly when but at some point I forgot about the goggles and the mouthpiece and that’s when my love of the game began.  Eight years later when I had to choose a mitzvah project for my Bat Mitzvah I chose to do something having to do with lacrosse. My mitzvah project was to find a way to help young girls learn the game.  We contacted HVLAX, and Dana Forte and Jenn Maichin set up clinics where I could help out younger players new to the game.  Dave Evans and Krista McDonald also offered for me to assist at their first grade practices.  With the help of my friends; Marley Anna, Jordan Forte, Gigi DeVoe, Alexa Amorison, Timmeree Koeple, Grace Kata and Charlotte Maggio I was able to learn how to set up drills, fun games and scrimmages to help the young girls of HVLAX learn the game. It was a lot of fun. As I tightened many goggles and told the girls they will get used to the mouthpiece I remembered myself from eight years ago. I promised the girls they would forget they even had goggles and mouthpieces.  I knew once they started to play they would love what I do about the game.  The speed, the intensity of playing defense and having to stop ball and how pretty it is to watch when played well.  I love the sense of community and playing with all of my friends.  I wanted to give back to something that has given a lot to me.  Not only was my Mitzvah project helping teach lacrosse but the theme of my party was lacrosse.  We had centerpieces made from 14 new lacrosse sticks.  After the party I donated the sticks back to HVLAX to give to new players to help them learn and love the game.